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Mission and Vision
  Expert Grabber


Window on Innovation, Technology Transfer and Services.

Your key to the expertise, services and knowhow available at in the Higher Education Sector, Research Institutes, and Services Organisation.
Technology Transfer

Wikipedia, the free encyclopaedia define Technology Transfer as “the process of transferring skills, knowledge, technologies, methods of manufacturing, samples of manufacturing and facilities among governments or universities and other institutions to ensure that scientific and technological developments are accessible to a wider range of users who can then further develop and exploit the technology into new products, processes, applications, materials or services.” Indeed, Individual, SMEs, and Organisation continually requires help on daily problem solving, advice and consultancy on their own projects, R&D work, and/or simply requires low/high tech services; Expert Grabber is a tool to bridge this gap by collecting in single dBase the contact details and the profile, and affiliations of wide range of experts and skilled individuals to be accessed and contacted directly; hopefully, this will help and enhance, in a modest way, the process of Technology Transfer and bring “new” expertise, skills, and services to the marketplace on very competitive price.

  Our Vision
Expert Grabber is non-profit organisation set up to bridge Individuals, SMEs, and Large Organisations with a wide range of Experience, Expertise, Knowhow, and Services available locally and internationally.
Our Mission
•  Provide a window on Innovation, Technology Transfer and Services,
•  Provide the users with a single-point access for a wide range of Expertise and Services available in the Higher Education Sector, R&D Institutions, and Services Organisation, and
•  To design, develop, populate, and maintain a WEB dBase (Expert Grabber) of Experts, and Skilled Individuals who seeks to offer their services to the general public, SMEs, and Organisations.
  Expert Grabber
Expert Grabber employs the frontier of  technology in WEB dBase and interface design, to provide the user with visually appealing, intuitive users interface allowing ease of data navigation, sorting, searching, data filtering, record addition, modification, and deletion.

Expert Grabber is available to three type of users groups:

1.  Administrators: This group of users have the power to manage and update the Database/Website, they, also, have access to the source code,
2.   Experts, Skilled Individuals, and Organisations: who likes to have their own record/s in the database, they will have the power to add, delete, and edit their own record/s, and
3.   The general public: who needs to search for expert/s and/or services they may view, interrogate the database,  and print record/s, and page/s of their own choice.

Login as a Guest:  you may search, view and print expert/s records and services of your choice.

Register as an Expert:  you may update or delete your own data and view other tables and expert's records.

Note to Experts: once you have registered successfully, "Expert Grabber" will generate "your own data" table automatically. Click on "Expert Own Data" in the top of the tables' menu, and update/edit your own record/s by clicking on the edit ,or inline edit  icons on top of your page.

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